Aeronautical Information Products


The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is the basic aviation document intended primarily for use by aviation personnel of international and domestic commercial or private aviation for flight planning and flight operations in Estonian airspace and at Estonian aerodromes.

The AIP of Estonia is available only in electronic form as HTML and PDF format and is published in Estonian and in English.

The AIP in electronic format (eAIP) is published on the Internet and is available at and Estonian AIP is also available on EAD PAMS.

AIP Supplement

AIP Supplement (SUP) is a temporary amendment containing temporary changes of long duration (three months and longer) or information of short duration which consists of extensive text and/or graphics, supplementing the permanent information contained in the AIP. Operationally significant temporary changes to the AIP are published in accordance with the AIRAC system and its established effective dates and are identified by the acronym AIRAC (AIRAC AIP SUP).

AIP Supplements, which are published between publication of two eAIP Packages, are made available via current web page and EAD PAMS.


Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) is a document containing information on the long-term forecast of any major changes in legislation, regulations, procedures or facilities; information of a purely explanatory or advisory nature liable to affect flight safety; and information or notification of an explanatory or advisory nature concerning technical, legislative or administrative matters.

AICs, which are published between publication of two eAIP Packages, are made available via current web page and EAD PAMS.

AD obstacles

In aerodrome obstacle data there are published obstacles around the aerodrome, classified according to the following areas in accordance with ICAO Annex 15 and PANS-AIM:

Area 2 - Surroundings of the airport up to 45 km
Area 3 - Aerodrome movement area
Area 4 - Altimeter area in front of the runway for precision approach, CAT II and CAT III

The following information can be found with obstacles:

ID - Obstacle ID
Type - The type of obstacle, respectively
Latitude - Latitude in DDMMSS format
Longitude - Longitude in DDDMMSS format
Latitude_DEG - Latitude in full degrees
Longitude_DEG - Longitude in full degrees
Elevation (FT) - The height of the obstacle in feet
Height (FT) - The height of the obstacle above the ground in feet
Marking - The obstacle is marked according to the requirements
Lighting - The obstacle is illuminated as required
Lighting color - The color of the obstacle lighting
Lighting type - Type of obstacle lighting
Remark - Remarks

Obstacle information is published for each aerodrome in separate files XLS and KMZ (openable with GoogleEarth) in the form of point, line and polygon.

The aerodrome obstruction file is available for download in ZIP format.

VFR Information Guide

The VFR Information Guide includes relevant information and also restrictions for the use of VFR aerodromes.

Information about an aerodrome or a heliport can be published in the VFR Information Guide upon application to AIM Department of Estonian ANS. Estonian ANS is not authorised to publish any information about aerodromes or heliports in the VFR Information Guide unless the respective Aerodrome/Heliport Holder (expresses) has an interest in it.

The Aerodrome Holder is responsible for the consistency, reliability and high quality of data.

The Estonian ANS is not responsible for errors in the information which may emerge during data delivery and any damage originating from any inaccuracies or incompleteness of the data.

The Estonian ANS is responsible for the publication of the information in a standard format and also for making it internationally accessible.

The VFR Information Guide will be updated according to received information.

VFR Chart

This VFR chart is constructed on Lambert conformal conical projection.

The aeronautical data shown are consistent with the use of the chart for low speed visual air navigation. It includes aerodromes, significant obstacles, elements of the ATS system, prohibited, restricted and danger areas, and radio navigation aids.

The chart provides information to satisfy visual air navigation and is also used as a pre-flight planning chart.

AIRAC Calendar

When planning their activities Data originators must be aware about the dates when the raw data must be submitted to the AIP Group to ensure the timely publication of aeronautical information.

AIRAC calendar contains AIRAC effective and publication dates. Separate raw data dates are determined for AIRAC AIP SUP and AIRAC AIP AMDT. For every AIRAC cycle it is visible for Data originator how many days are left to submit their proposals for the aeronautical information to be published and become effective in a relevant AIRAC cycle.

Additionally, the calendar contains the dates when the draft of aeronautical information products must reach the CAA the latest for final confirmation.

Publication date Effective date Amendment File CRC
19 OCT 2023 30 NOV 2023 AIRAC AIP AMDT 10/2023 A3D23A61

Series A

Publication date End date Number Title CRC
29 JUL 2020 UFN AIC A 02/2020 Implementation of ICAO IWXXM Model 641F758B
19 NOV 2020 UFN AIC A 05/2020 Transmission of Space Weather Advisory Information in Tallinn FIR 36059B73
16 DEC 2021 UFN AIC A 05/2021 Management of Volcanic Ash Events in Tallinn FIR 95B2782D
05 MAY 2022 UFN AIC A 01/2022 Subscription of Aeronautical Chart – ICAO 1:500 000 480CF619
19 OCT 2023 UFN AIC A 04/2023 Seasonal AIC Supplementing SNOW PLAN E639C74F
19 OCT 2023 UFN AIC A 05/2023 Aeronautical Information Circulars in Force 9E05E8CC
16 NOV 2023 UFN AIC A 06/2023 Tallinn CTR Changes AE78BAD7
04 DEC 2023 UFN AIC A 07/2023 Test Period and Subsequent Transition Period for the Implementation of Kuressaare Remote Tower B91A7AA7

Series B

Publication date End date Number Title CRC
19 OCT 2023 UFN AIC B 01/2023 Significant Dates for Publication of Aeronautical Information in the Year 2023/2024 AEE6BCD6
Publication date Effective date Amendment File CRC
16 NOV 2023 28 DEC 2023 AIRAC AIP AMDT 11/2023 EC6DB649
Publication date Effective date File CRC
29 JUL 2021 09 SEP 2021 EEPU Area 2 D11B73B7
29 JUL 2021 09 SEP 2021 EETU Area 3 BD4EB585
23 SEP 2021 04 NOV 2021 EERU Area 2 F9E257AF
10 MAR 2022 21 APR 2022 EEKE Area 3 C951EE60
07 APR 2022 19 MAY 2022 EETN Area 2 A5A4A966
30 JUN 2022 11 AUG 2022 EEKA Area 2 DD0E2D8A
28 JUL 2022 11 AUG 2022 EEKA Area 3 68665785
09 MAR 2023 20 APR 2023 EETU Area 2 60EF8F98
21 SEP 2023 02 NOV 2023 EEKE Area 2 B80DEDEB
16 NOV 2023 28 DEC 2023 EEKE Area 3 5D63BBC5
16 NOV 2023 28 DEC 2023 EEKA Area 3 E948899C
16 NOV 2023 28 DEC 2023 EEKE Area 2 69E39747
Publication date Effective date End date Number Title CRC
No data found
Publication date Effective date End date Number Title CRC
No data found
Name Effective date CRC
Estonian Aeronautical Chart (2153A) - Chart 19 MAY 2022 3B85A2EA
Estonian Aeronautical Chart (2153A) - Legend 19 MAY 2022 2969B65E
Name Location Indicator Last modified CRC
Humala EEHA 19 MAY 2021 C0A8CF5E
Jõhvi EEJI 19 MAY 2021 2542AA69
Lennundusmuuseum EELM 19 MAY 2022 457921CF
Lyckholm EELU 19 MAY 2022 CB9ADB5F
Narva EENA 19 MAY 2022 B029BB4F
Rapla EERA 19 MAY 2022 7D29E13B
Ridali EERI 22 SEP 2022 5E898BE7
Riidaja EERD 19 MAY 2022 77D019CB
Roomassaare 19 MAY 2022 61894807
Teenuse-Saare EETS 19 MAY 2022 627646D2
Tõutsi EETI 19 MAY 2022 01966231
Varstu EEVU 19 MAY 2022 3E207CA9
Viljandi EEVI 19 MAY 2022 08CF866E
Vormsi EEVO 19 MAY 2022 2C6DF150
Name Last modified CRC
General Information 27 OCT 2022 C926659B
VFR Information Guide 27 OCT 2022 2E75CD71
Name Location Indicator Last modified CRC
Salme EESE 19 MAY 2022 11916FF2