Conditions for data protection

Estonian Air Navigation Services (hereafter: EANS) is the controller responsible for processing the personal data submitted by you to EANS.
EANS processes personal data for accomplishing its tasks and takes care that the personal data received by the company are processed in a lawful and secure way and in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation and the Estonian Personal Data Protection Act.


1.1 In processing personal data EANS follows the principle that personal data may be processed solely lawfully, for legitimate purposes and in the minimum extent necessary, which means that we use the data that are required and meant for the provision of EANS services and/or conclusion or performance of contracts.
1.2 EANS uses physical, technical and work organisation measures for protecting the personal data submitted by you from occasional, unlawful or unauthorised destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.
1.3 The statistics, conclusions and feedback made in the performance of EANS tasks are disclosed in non-personalised format.
1.4 The personal data collected and processed in the frames of customer surveys are used for receiving feedback in order improve our services and to map the satisfaction of the target groups concerning the services provided by us.
1.5 EANS retains personal data as long as they are necessary for achieving the objective of their collection, if it is required by law or if it is necessary for the protection of our vested interests, therefore, we cannot erase your personal data ahead of time. The data are erased after their expiry date. The retention period is determined within the Company.
1.6 In accomplishing its tasks EANS cooperates with different cooperation partners and service providers with whom the contracts stipulating processing of personal data in accordance with EANS regulations have been concluded and they are in line with the legislation in force.
1.7 EANS forwards the collected personal data to the persons and institutions for fulfilling their obligations as stated in law and contracts as well as for protecting EANS interests.
1.8 These principles do not apply to the use of the data of legal persons. Nor do these principles cover the processing of personal data on unfamiliar network pages that are linked to EANS web page (external links).
1.9 When disclosing the conditions of data protection on its web page EANS has its right to update them unilaterally at any time in accordance with the applicable legal acts.


2.1 If you apply for a job or on-the-job training, we will proceed from the information you disclosed in your candidate documentation. We assume that in your candidate documentation submitted by you to EANS, you have given your consent to answer questions concerning yourself and that the persons listed as references have given their consent for EANS to contact them for receiving more information about you.
2.2 Security clearance /screening is conducted for the new employees, which, inter alia, includes extracts from Punishment register. Depending on the vacancy to be filled in the competition process we conduct tests and may provide an additional background check on the basis of the Aviation Act of Estonia.
2.3 The candidates’ CVs are stored for one year from the end of the selection process.


3.1 Due to the increasing security requirements for EANS for the purpose of person identification, identity verification and registration of visitors we process the following data: given name and surname, personal ID number or date of birth, proof of identity; the dates and times of arrival/departure and if necessary, the registration number of the vehicle used by the visitor. Upon request of the EANS employee responsible for the visiting or service staff we invite you to forward us the data requested by the respective EANS employee in advance.
3.2 As a rule, the visitors entering EANS territory are received by the Administrator who is required to request you to provide your proof of identity.
3.3 EANS territory is under technical surveillance 24/7.
3.4 In our databases the phone conversations and video recordings are processed by EANS for the purpose of ensuring safety and security, surveillance of the critical equipment and protection of people and assets.
3.5 The publication of the photos and films made on the EANS territory by visitors shall be precoordinated with the EANS Security Manager.


4.1 Like the majority of web pages EANS web page also use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved in the user’s computer or mobile device and they help to remember the user’s preferences in order to propose more convenient navigation on a particular web page.
4.2 We need cookies for the statistics of users and usability enhancement.
4.3 It is presumed that the users of EANS web page accept cookies by accepting them in the browser settings. In some cases, when cookies are not accepted, it may bring along inconveniences (e.g. low surfing speed) when using a web page.
4.4 The cookies used by our web page may be created by different service providers, who help us to improve our web services. One of these providers is Google – we recommend reading more about its practices on the protection of personal data separately.
4.5 Cookies can be declined at any time by changing the settings of your device browser and deleting your saved cookies.
4.6 The data of EANS web page visitors are processed for the purposes of statistics in non-personalised format.


5.1 You have the right to familiarise yourself with the collected personal data about you, and, if the data have changed, or are not precise for some reason, to demand amendment of the incorrect data or supplement the incomplete data. It is also possible to submit objections concerning processing your personal data.
5.2 In case you want information concerning processing your personal data, you may submit an application signed either digitally or by hand, and we will answer you as soon as possible, within no later than a month.
5.3 In case of questions concerning personal data processing please contact:
Kanali põik 3, Rae vald
Rae vald, 10112 Harjumaa
5.4 If you don’t agree with the way EANS processes your personal data and contacting EANS did not bring satisfactory results, you have your right to submit a complaint to Data Protection Inspectorate.

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