The primary environment to submit AIP AMDT, AIP SUP, AIC and NOTAM proposals is WFM. In the absence of access to WFM or in the event of its failure to work, the website may be used to submit proposals.

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The proposals can be accessed by Data Originators, who are obliged to transmit aeronautical data and information under their responsibility and who have been granted access to the secure proposal transmission subpage of the

A Data Originator according to the Aviation Act § 572:

(3) Aeronautical information is prepared by the persons and government agencies under whose jurisdiction the aeronautical information is produced and who, according to their areas of activity, are competent to provide information conforming to the requirements of Annexes 3 and 15 of the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

(4) Aeronautical information is prepared by:
1) the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications – information concerning the flight operations specified in subsection 1 (2) of this Act, except information specified in clauses 2) – 9) of this subsection;
2) the Ministry of Defence – information concerning the prohibited areas, danger areas, restricted areas, including the use of parts of airspace for target practice, blasting operations and training and other information concerning defence aviation;
3) the Ministry of the Environment – meteorological information in compliance with Annex 3 to the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, information concerning the migration of birds and establishment of flight restrictions for the purposes of nature protection or research;
4) the Ministry of Social Affairs –information concerning health protection related to aviation;
5) the Ministry of the Interior – information concerning flight restrictions related to air search and rescue, target practice, blasting operations, guaranteeing of security and information concerning migration, including information on visas and passports;
6) the Ministry of Finance – information concerning customs requirements;
7) the Ministry of Agriculture – information concerning agricultural quarantine requirements upon conveyance of animals, plants, animal and plant produce in the state;
8) aerodrome and heliport operators – information concerning the data related to the aerodrome or heliport, the status equipment, facilities and services necessary for their operations, situation at the aerodrome or heliport, information concerning significant hazards and obstacles that affect flight operations in compliance with Annex 15 to the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, information concerning the procedures on aerodrome or heliport territory and in surrounding airspace, information concerning sunrise and sunset tables and air traffic charges;
9) aeronautical information service providers – information concerning the services provided, the telecommunications, navigation and surveillance equipment required for the provision of air traffic services, air traffic service routes, flight and service procedures and air traffic charges.

Publication date Effective date Amendment File CRC
AIP AMDT 01/2021 902A63FE

Series A

Publication date End date Number Title CRC
UFN AIC A 08/2018 Management of Volcanic Ash Events in Tallinn FIR 33809B61
UFN AIC A 02/2020 Implementation of ICAO IWXXM Model 641F758B
UFN AIC A 03/2020 Seasonal AIC Supplementing SNOW PLAN 8956D0D2
UFN AIC A 04/2020 Aeronautical Information Circulars in Force 534B3BDC
UFN AIC A 05/2020 Transmission of Space Weather Advisory Information in Tallinn FIR 36059B73
UFN AIC A 06/2020 Publication of Aeronautical Products as of Year 2021 95749792
AIC A 07/2020 Changes to Air Navigation Services Charges from 01 JAN 2021 06714211

Series B

Publication date End date Number Title CRC
UFN AIC B 01/2020 Significant Dates for Publication of Aeronautical Information in the Year 2020/2021 9389C6CE
Publication date Effective date Amendment File CRC
AIRAC AIP AMDT 01/2021 8F595709
Publication date Effective date File CRC
EETN Area 2 743E5ACA
Publication date Effective date End date Number Title CRC
AIP SUP 09/2020 Reconstruction Works at Pärnu Airport AA2C75BA
AIRAC AIP SUP 12/2020 Establishment of Restricted Area EER181 and Temporary Segregated Area EETSA181 2DBE999D
Publication date Effective date End date Number Title CRC
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