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Uuring AIP-i kasutajatele

Eurocontroli poolt on algatatud uuring tagasiside kogumiseks tuginedes ICAO Lisa 15 muudatustele, mis hõlmavad digitaalsete andmekogumite pakkumist ja vastavate AIP-osade eemaldamist (muudatused on jõus alates 8. novembrist 2018).

Küsimustik on avatud kuni 15. märtsini 2019 ja on kättesaadaval järgneval aadressil: www.surveymonkey.com/r/H977QPP.

Eurocontroli põhjendus küsimustiku vajadusest on järgnev:

The purpose and scope of the survey is to identify aspects to be considered in the transition from AIP tables to digital data sets, with the potential removal of AIP sections. The survey is meant to measure both the AIP users’ awareness with regard to this important Annex 15 change and their readiness to use digital data sets. The survey results will be used to evaluate the need for a harmonised deployment approach amongst the ECAC States AIS.

The survey contains three groups of questions:
1. Use of the digital data sets – the purpose of these questions is to identify problems and opportunities which the AIS clients might have when using digital AIP data sets, instrument flight procedures data sets and digital obstacles data sets.
2. Removal of AIP sections – the purpose of these questions is to measure the AIS users’ reliance on information available in the form of AIP tables when the same data is available in digital AIP data sets and digital obstacles data sets.
3. ECAC harmonisation – the purpose of these questions is to evaluate the AIS clients’ expectations with regard to a harmonised deployment of digital data sets in the ECAC area, in particular the AIP data set.

The completion of the questionnaire should not take more than 10 minutes and does not require any personal data to be provided. The only information required from the participants concerns their current use of the AIP data in the ICAO EUR/NAT region.



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