Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)
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The AIP is the basic aviation document intended primarily for use by aviation personnel of international and domestic commercial or private aviation for flight planning and flight operations in Estonian airspace and at Estonian aerodromes.

The AIP of Estonia is available only in electronic form as HTML, XML and PDF format and is published in Estonian and in English.

The AIP in electronic form (eAIP) is published on DVD and available via current web page. Official AIP Estonia is published only on DVD.

Consult NOTAM for latest information.


Currently Effective Issue

Published Effective Amendment
02 AUG 2018 13 SEP 2018 AIRAC AIP AMDT 08/2018



Next Issue

Published Effective Amendment
30 AUG 2018 11 OCT 2018 AIRAC AIP AMDT 09/2018



NB! Attention must be paid to the fact, that effective AIP Supplements and Aeronautical Information Circulars, which were published in between the publication of two DVDs, may not be included on the next DVD or in eAIP Package and are available at in PDF format.