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A number of routes are closed WIE-UFN as well as UKFF (Simferopol) and UKFB (Sevastopol) airports.

Information is available at:

and provided by EASA Safety Information Bulletin No 2014-10.


Please note that EAD does not process NOTAM in contradiction with the ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation and ICAO Air Navigation Plan — European Region (Doc 7754). Subsequently, NOTAM published by the Russian Federation concerning the airspace and aerodromes in the Simferopol FIR are not being processed.

Directorate Network Manager


Notification about the publication of AIRAC AMDT 04/2014

Today, on 20th of JAN 2014, we have published the eAIP Package with:


News about implementation of ISB (Internet Self-Briefing)

We would like to announce that from today, October 10th 2013, our renewed online briefing and flight plan proposal filing service – ISB (Internet Self-Briefing), which you may find on the webpage, is now officially available for public use. You can access this service worldwide via Internet.

ISB makes it possible to:
• submit flight plan proposals;
• independently prepare a bulletin based on the effective NOTAMs;
• read meteorological forecasts;
• receive essential information relating to the airspace, such as airways, aerodromes, navigation aids, restricted areas, routes, runways and waypoints.

To use ISB you are required to register, which can be done on AIM webpage under menu Internet Self-briefing.

Welcome to our new service!

AIM Estonia


Notification about publication of AIC

Today, on 26th SEP 2013, we published the following AIC:

NB! Please be aware that AIC A 05/2013 contained some errors due to technical reasons and is cancelled with AIC A 06/2013.

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