Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

Notification about publication of AICs

Today, on 01 OCT 2015, we have published the following AICs:

  • AIC A 05/2015 Seasonal AIC supplementing SNOW PLAN
  • AIC A 06/2015 Renewal of subscription of AIS publications for the year 2016


to AIRAC AIP AMDT 11/15 effective date 12 NOV 2015
Dear Customer,
AIRAC AIP AMDT 11/15 contains incorrect Tartu aerodrome (EETU) Standard Departure Chart – Instrument – ICAO – EETU RNAV SID 08.
Correct chart with page number:
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Notification about publication of AIP SUP

Today, on 21st of September 2015, we have published the following AIP SUP:

  • AIP SUP 10/2015 Tapa polygon Temporary Segregates Area EETSA1501 and Restricted Area EER1501

Notification about the publication of AIRAC AIP AMDT 11/2015

Today, on 17th of SEP 2015, we have published the eAIP Package with:


The most relevant changes in the amendment:

Established NEFAB Free Route Airspace;

Changed frequencies of Tallinn Tower and Tallinn Control;

Changed magnetic variations of Estonian aerodromes.

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