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VFR Chart

Aeronautical Chart - ICAO 1:500 000 - EFF 28 APR 2016

This chart is constructed on Lambert conformal conical projection. The aeronautical data shown are consistent with the use of the chart for low speed visual air navigation. It includes aerodromes, significant obstacles, elements of the ATS system, prohibited, restricted and danger areas, and radio navigation aids. The chart provides information to satisfy visual air navigation and is also used as a pre-flight planning chart.

The main changes compared to the previous version are as follows:

  • New chart format;
  • New air navigation obstacles;
  • Added new danger areas: EED31, EED32, EED33, EED34;
  • Added new restricted areas: EER15A, EER15B, EER15C;
  • Changed frequencies used in Tallinn FIR/CTA:
    • Tallinn FIR E sector;
    • Tallinn FIR W sector;
    • Tallinn CTR;
  • Updated information in chart legend;
  • Updated information about Finnish, Russian and Latvian airspace.


Chart is downloadable in PDF format (6.85 Mb)

Publ. date Number / Title
28 APR 2016Estonian Aeronautical Chart (2153A) 28 APR 2016
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