Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)
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Internet Self-Briefing

The Internet Self-Briefing (ISB) is an online briefing and flight plan proposal filing service, which is available on the website and can be accessed worldwide via Internet.

It is an easy methods for pilots, aircraft operators and organizations to access pre-flight information through the Internet.


ISB makes it possible to:

  • submit flight plan proposals and/or change them;
  • independently prepare a bulletin based on the effective NOTAMs;
  • read meteorological forecasts;
  • receive essential information relating to the airspace, such as airways, aerodromes, navigation aids, restricted areas, routes, runways and waypoints.


What is Pilot Portal

The Pilot Portal is a web based application that allows a user to create FPL Proposals and PIB. It allows users to get an overview of proposed FPL messages and track the operations that have been applied to it.

The Pilot Portal allows users to access the application via mobile devices such as tablet PCs but is not supported on mobile phones.

The Pilot Portal works with any modern web browser with the JavaScript Support.

The Recommended minimum bandwidth is 64kbit/s (ISDN Speed). Pilot Portal has been tested under Linux with Browser Firefox ESR 52, Chrome.


You are required to register, which is free of charge. After the registration you can start using the ISB service.


Forgot your password?



  • The password must be changed after first login. To provide sufficient security, the password must contain at least 8 characters, including capital letters and numbers. No character can be repeated more than 3 times. Additionally, the password cannot repeat a recently used password or be identical to the username.
  • The User Guide for ISB can be found on the website: ISB_userguide (PDF 2.58 MB).
  • The account will be closed automatically after 240 days (approx. 8 months) if unused.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Tallinn ARO by phone +372 625 8293.