Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)
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AIP Subscription

The Estonian Aeronautical Publications will be supplied to foreign Aeronautical Authorities and Aeronautical Information Services on the basis of the free exchange policy stated in ICAO Annex 15 paragraph 2.3.5.

All other subscribers have to pay for their subscriptions according to the current price list and number of copies.

Contents of subscription
AIS documents Price (EUR) * Number of copies
eAIP package (AIP AMDTs, SUPs, AICs on DVD and List of valid NOTAMs e-mail distribution) per calender year.** 48 € 82 € 82 €

Ring binders for AIP SUP, AIC and DVD. 14 € 16 € 17 €
* Value added tax (VAT) shall be added to the prices in accordance with the applicable legislation.
** Calender Year = January 1st – December 31st
NOTAM Summaries Dont send  
  Via E-mail address
Notification about dispatch date of AIS Publications Don't send  
Via E-mail address
AIP SUP and AIC published between two DVD-s: Do not send  
Via E-mail address
Subscriber's contact, address, telephone, fax, e-mail:
The documents shall be sent to the following address:
The invoice shall be sent to the following address:

* All address fields must be filled in !