Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

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On 23 AUG 2018 we have published:
  • AIP SUP 12/2018 Restrictions and Rearrangements Due to K√§rdla Airport Reconstruction Works

Estonian Airspace Use Plan (AUP)

From the 12th of August it is possible to view the Estonian Airspace Use Plan (AUP) through the webpage.
The AUP is a daily airspace use plan information package that includes important information for planning IFR flights about areas to be activated and applicable restrictions.
The change is an important step for making the availability of information on the use of our airspace easier and performing the initial tasks assigned to the ASM's ConOps functionality.
To open the AUP and its updates, select the desired date, and the airspace usage plan, generated automatically by the LARA in ASM system, will be automatically displayed. The plan includes information on open CDR2 route segments, closed CDR1 route segments, AMC managed areas activated during the plan period, and restrictions activated in IFPS. The plan also includes a separate subdivision for non-AMC managed areas, the contents of which are initially empty, until the activation information for these areas will be handled through the ASM information system.
Information is available in both Estonian and English.
The link to AUP can be found on the webpage under "Flight Preparation" sub-menu.

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On 02 AUG 2018 we have published:

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On 05 JUL 2018 we have published:
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