Flight Preparation

Here is a list of links and selection of guidance materials that may help you prepare for your flight.

Useful Links

Link Description
FPL proposal Send FPL to Estonian centralised ARO
Pilot Portal Self-Briefing portal (FPL, PIB) – for registered users only
Estonian eAIP  
eAIP Releases of the World Only accessible from Tallinn Lennart Meri and Tartu Airports’ Self-Briefing stations
NOTAM PIB The NOTAM PIB PDF-file is updated at the top of the hour. For specific PIB information please contact the BOF
SIGWX SFC - 10000FT Estonian weather low level prognostic chart
MET information Estonian Aviation MET information
AUGUR GPS RAIM prediction tool
EGNOS Aviation Portal Contains EGNOS information relevant to aviation users.
EAD Basic EAD Basic is EAD's free Public Access Service application for the general public. The solution allows registered users to browse a limited set of AIP's and generate relevant PIB's via the web. EAD Basic is free of charge and can be accessed instantly, anytime and from anywhere.
NOP Portal Contains following information:
ANM - ATFCM Notification Messages;
AIM - ATFCM Information Messages;
RAD - Route Availability Document;
EAUP - European Airspace Usage Plan;
FPL validation tool.
AUP/UUP Estonian Airspace Use Plan
Air traffic incident / occurrence reporting  

Guidance Materials

Instruction - Completing of the Flight Plan Form
METEO abbreviations, signs
METEO messages reading guide
FPL form PDF
ICAO Doc 8643 - Aircraft Type Designators
Publication date Effective date Amendment File CRC
AIRAC AIP AMDT 07/2020 28787959

Series A

Publication date End date Number Title CRC
UFN AIC A 08/2018 Management of Volcanic Ash Events in Tallinn FIR 33809B61
UFN AIC A 05/2019 Subscription Renewal of Aeronautical Information Products for the Year 2020 3FA243BA
UFN AIC A 06/2019 Seasonal AIC Supplementing SNOW PLAN FCB64180
UFN AIC A 07/2019 Aeronautical Information Circulars in Force F6607C04
UFN AIC A 09/2019 Transmission of Space Weather Advisory Information in Tallinn FIR 2588D0A3
UFN AIC A 02/2020 Implementation of ICAO IWXXM Model 641F758B

Series B

Publication date End date Number Title CRC
UFN AIC B 01/2019 Significant Dates for Publication of Aeronautical Information in the Year 2019/2020 7F37947B
Publication date Effective date Amendment File CRC
AIRAC AIP AMDT 08/2020 4993542D
AIRAC AIP AMDT 09/2020 4DD455D3
Publication date Effective date File CRC
EETN Area 2 743E5ACA
Publication date Effective date End date Number Title CRC
AIRAC AIP SUP 01/2020 Establishment of Restricted Area EER181 and Temporary Segregated Area EETSA181 4E25906E
AIP SUP 09/2020 Reconstruction Works at Pärnu Airport AA2C75BA
Publication date Effective date End date Number Title CRC
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