Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)
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AIP Supplement (SUP) is a temporary amendment containing temporary changes of long duration (three months and longer) or information of short duration which consists of extensive text and/or graphics, supplementing the permanent information contained in the AIP. Operationally significant temporary changes to the AIP are published in accordance with the AIRAC system and its established effective dates and are identified by the acronym AIRAC (AIRAC AIP SUP).

AIP Supplements, which are published between publication of two DVDs, are published on yellow paper to be conspicuous.


NB! Effective AIP Supplements, which were published in hard copy are first of all available in PDF-format here, and may not be included on DVD or into eAIP Package at all.


Publ. dateNumberSubject / Title
13 APR 2017AIRAC AIP SUP 05/2017Restrictions and Rearrangements due to Ă„mari Military Aerodrome Reconstruction Works, Stage 1
28 JUN 2017AIP SUP 09/2017Temporary Restricted Area EER720 KULTUURIKATEL
20 SEP 2017AIP SUP 12/2017End of Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport Reconstruction Works
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